About the GMDGC

The Green Mountain Disc Golf Club (GMDGC) is an organization started by a group of enthusiastic disc golfers from Vermont who are dedicated to the growth of the sport of disc golf in Vermont. In many other parts of the country disc golf is a thriving sport with many courses and a large number of players. In Vermont, disc golf is relatively new with only a few courses and until recently only a few regular players. In the past few years the sport has enjoyed significant growth, but that growth is starting to reach a limit due, for the most part, to the limited number of courses.

The mission of the GMDGC is to promote the growth of disc golf in Vermont with a focus on publicly accessible courses.

The sport is grown primarily by introducing the sport new players and to develop and install courses in communities where the sport has not been made available. The GMDGC will be introducing the sport to new players through the organization of tournaments, clinics and weekly and monthly events. These organized events allow disc golfers of all ages and levels of experience to interact, play the sport together and build relationships that will aid in the self-promotion of the sport. Tournaments will also bring in disc golfers from outside the state. The out-of-staters often bring in new ideas and feedback from experiences in their own local communities as well as return to their home state with the positive feedback on the sport in beautiful Vermont. Ultimately, the increase in the interest and activity surrounding the sport in Vermont will drive the demand for new courses in Vermont.

The creation of a new disc golf course starts with discovering a piece of public land which is underutilized or not used at all. The GMDGC has a wealth of disc golf experience in its members and can draw upon this knowledge to present proposals to the local communities who are stakeholders in the land under consideration. The proposals will include details of recommended course designs, costs and information on installation schedules and resources. The GMDGC will work with the individual communities to establish how the material costs and labor responsibilities will be funded. Upon agreement the course installation will begin.

How Do I Participate?

Participation is as simple as becoming a member.

The GMDGC encourages anyone interested in the sport of disc golf to join. Membership fees will be going toward the club’s mission of promoting the sport in the state of Vermont.

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GMDGC Contacts

Chris Young, President & Treasurer: chriskyoung@hotmail.com
Jeff Spring, Vice President: JSpring85@gmail.com
Jordan Potvin, Secretary: jrpotvin1@gmail.com
Dave Frothingham, Memberships Director: vtdiscrocs@gmail.com