Calais Monthlies

Monthlies are open to all of the local disc golf community, all are encouraged to come out and play!  We typically play two rounds of singles.  Games are competitive for fun, but no money is involved, with a couple of exceptions.  A great option for those that love to play but not sure if tournaments are right for you.

Most games start at 10 am during daylight savings and 9 during the winter.  The exceptions are the shoot out game and  pumpkin glow round.

Pumpkin glow is an amazing time! Jack-o-lanterns are set on top of every basket and we play a glow round.

Shootout is a unique format where the second round starts with up to 19 players teeing off together and one player is eliminated every hole until last man standing.

North Calais is a gem among courses in Vermont. One to make sure not to miss. Take a look at some photos from the April Monthly here and the July monthly here