GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XII

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GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XII

Postby chris young » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:07 am

This event has been something very special to me for the past 8 years as together we have raised nearly $80,000 for Vermont families!! That is incredible!

But, as you know we are hosting Pro Worlds AND the USJDGC here in 2018! I am involved in several kids camps, course projects,etc as well, so its time to for me to reach out and find someone that has the passion for the game and a desire to help the community. In order to make the 2018 GMDGC Ice Bowl happen I am looking for an Asst TD that will put in a LOT of work,deadication and commitment to this event. This means helping with fundraising and prize collection from local businesses. I spend some time each day Dec-Jan on this event and I would expect nearly the same from this person. If we want to continue to be a Top 2 Ice Bowl then I will need your help, so if you are that someone, or if you know that someone, please send them my way.

The Ice Bucket will continue to be a Top event nationwide, but raising $15,000 each and every year will take a larger team, so please get involved if this is something important to you.

Thanks! and stay tuned for event details to come in the following weeks.....
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