North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

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Re: North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby Cave Darter » Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:31 pm

Craig Brown in. Joe Jones out.
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North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby wannabeVT » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:06 am

Claiming any available slot; see you soon!
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Re: North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby jmbailey175 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:52 pm

This course and property are SOOO special! Thank you so much to Paul for sharing it with all of us and thanks to the diehard NCDGC volunteers for the immense prep that went into this event. I'm ecstatic that I'll get another crack at the course for Finals this year. Congrats to Mike and Chris for the solid play all day - great sharing a card with you as always...
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Re: North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby Cave Darter » Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:36 am

Thanks to all who came out on such a beautiful day. Seemed like great times had by all. Thanks to Paul and the NCDGA crew for all the hours of prep and thanks to all who helped count and keep the tourney moving along.

RESULTS: ... sp=sharing

Included on this sheet are last year's results if you care.
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Re: North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby Paul Olander » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:27 pm

Whew! Am I glad that’s over; I think I lost 15 pounds in the 3 weeks run-up to the 2016 NCME. But oh, was it worth it! Congratulations all those who finished in the syrup! Thanks to GMDGC for allowing us the opportunity to showcase NC, and thanks to the GMPS Sponsors who make it possible to hold low-cost events.

And a hearty “Thank You” to all who came out; I can’t think of a finer crowd to host on a gorgeous summer Saturday. We had phenomenal weather for an NC event, despite the dire mid-week forecasts. Mostly sunny skies, an occasional batch of clouds, a sprinkle or two that just left streaks in the dust on the pickup. Temps started in the low 70s and warmed to the low 80s, with light breezes. A perfect day for scoring. North Calais was not especially kind to the field, however, and scores this year (see Dave Carter’s spreadsheets) were a few strokes higher than last. No one came close to Mike Habet’s Gold course record 60 set in 2014, but a number of players shot one-over 66s. I think we had a new Blue course record, though; AM1 Brendan Rollins shot a 62 in the first round (the second round Golds showed no mercy, however, to he and most of the AM1 field). There were no aces this year and the warm six of Bud rolls over. Four playoffs were necessary to settle the syrup, for FW1, Gabrielle over Jen, for third in MPM with Sugarmaker Dan nipping it over the Darter, and the quart vs. pint battle for second and third in AM2 with Charles finally getting separation from Eddie (they both shot 71 / 69). And the three hole slog between Mike and Chris that decided the MPO champ - Congratulations, 2-time winner Mike Habets!

We had 68 players, with four no-shows, our best attendance in the years since the GMO and KO tourneys. Dave ran a tight schedule and we stayed on time. The rounds went smoothly except for the discovery of a large yellowjacket nest just off the fairway of 10 that resulted in four players getting tagged, and Al Rosa, assistant extraordinaire, whom I sent off to do mid-round battle with a spray can that was out of bullets (Pffttt…Ow!).

There were 3 tents on the Old Campground, two at the new sugarhouse area and two poor exhausted souls who came in Friday night while I was down visiting the campgound and ended up setting up on the fairway of 18 (packed up and off by first light, true to their word). They were treated to starry nights, loons calling, and no visits from the bears. I took a spin around Sunday with BuddyDog and the place was pristine. Campers, I love you! Fires had been well-tended and dowsed, not a speck of trash, the privy left clean and I even think the leaves had been put back in their original places! You guys and gals have true outdoorman’s ethics and are welcome to camp here anytime.

Thanks to all of Ole’s minions who brought this off! I never thought on Friday morning that it could happen, but in they came. Will off to do line painting. Dan shoveling logging debris off the practice green, mowing the greens, crawling on hands and knees through puckerbrush to re-rope the 11 OB. Dave jumping in to help me slam in the door and the seat for the privy (open for business by 2 PM) before heading out to whale through the installation of the brand-new flags on each Tajmahole and somehow finding time to rake the tees. (I was in an absolute fog that day; I know others came out but can't remember now.) This year we completed two big projects we’ve been talking about for 10 years, privy and flags, in addition to opening some fairways that had been closing in beyond even Ole’s sensibility of what constitutes a fair fairway. Its hard to believe what a group of guys can get done without 66 truckloads of storm-damage to pickup and burn like last year. To all the amazing (or demented) NCDGA members and friends who have been coming out Tuesday nights for three months (and during their vacationsl) to clear, tweak and manicure the course until it shone: Thanks guys, without you I would have been in Wherever-it-is-they-put-you-now-that-Waterbury’s-gone!

Next year again, the Fates willing.
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Re: North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby Bencybul » Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:05 pm

Thanks Paul for your hospitality. The course is absolutely outstanding and i cannot wait to get back next year, with friends!
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Re: North Calais Maple Extravaganza 2016 GMPS #8

Postby chris young » Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:00 pm

Wow!!! What a great day at one of my all time favorite places to play disc golf.

Many thanks to everyone in the NCDGA for getting the course looking spectacular and for all the day of TD duties!

Congrats to Habets for taking a drop in birdie 3 on hole 1 to win a tough day of golf!

HUGE thanks to Paul for providing us with this opportunity TWICE this year!! Paul opens his home to us and does so with kindness and open arms and I am confident I speak for all disc golfers when I say THANK YOU Paul!

See you all at the Beach for GMPS#9! And don't forget to mark Oct 29-30 on your calendar for another shot at Calais and our end of the season finale!
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