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GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:02 am
by chris young
Waterbury Winter Fest event
Ice Bowl Headquarters
Saturday February 4,2017
Center Chains DGC, Waterbury Center,Vermont
Tournament Directors: Chris Young & Pete Hess
Questions? Chris at (802) 881-3467 or

Player Check-In: 8am
Players Meeting: 8:45am
Round 1 start: 9am
*Players meeting,lunch and awards at the Grange Hall across the street from the park*

GOAL: $16,000

FORMAT: 1st round is singles play and 2nd round is high/Lo Doubles with half the holes being worst shot. Both rounds from the White tees.

MULLIGANS: Mulligans may be purchased for $1 each before round 1 starts and for $2 each before round 2 starts.

LUNCH : *The Grange kitchen is being renovated currently*. This year players will be on their own for lunch. You can bring your own lunch or if you would like a hot burrito from the Mad Taco, I have talked to Joey and we will be taking orders at check in. Burritos are $10, bring cash, and there are 3 options. Veggie, chicken or carnitas. I will be taking cash for this along with your name and order at check in Feb.4th. This is a great option, from one of our longest running disc golf sponsors, the Mad Taco. Next year the chili potluck will be back.

Generous Golfer Package: $50 (Includes entry fee, 36 mulligans and handi heats)
Endless Mulligan Package: $150 ( Includes entry fee, unlimited mulligans and handi heats)

TROPHIES: Sherwin Art Glass trophies for Overall Winner, Singles round winner,Doubles Team winners,Top Fundraiser and Top Volunteer.

TOP FUNDRAISER: The person who raises the most money will again get to pick first from the list of prizes and will also get a custom Sherwin trophy. In years past the Top Fundraiser has walked away with a brand new Burton snowboard, so get out there and raise some money!

PRIZES: All participants will leave with a prize!The past few years we had Burton snowboards,$50 gift cards to the Farmhouse & Hen of the Wood, lift tickets to Mad River Glen, gift cards to City Market and 3Penny Taproom, tons of brand new discs and DG gear and many,many more. If you would like to donate or know of a business that would be interested in donating a prize please post here or get in touch with me and I will coordinate. The Top Fundraiser picks first from our list of prizes. The next pick goes to the Overall winner. The next pick to the top Singles rd winner. The next pick to the Doubles team winners. The next pick to the 2nd place overall player. The next to the 2nd place Singles. The next to the 2nd place Doubles team. So on and so forth, we keep going on down the line until everyone has a prize.


1. PayPal - You can send me money Click on "Pay or Send Money", select "Send money to friends or family" and put in my email address: Also -please put in the notes section your full name.



CASH DONATIONS: This is the main focus of the Ice Bucket,as all the money we raise for the event goes directly to Vermont Food Shelves to help them get food to the folks who need it. For those of you who may not know about "Ice Bowls", they are a collection of disc golf events that are held each year in January and February with an overall mission of raising funds to fight hunger. Related goals include having fun and connecting the disc golf community in a positive way to the community at large. In 2016 we had 13,140 disc golfers participate in Ice Bowls and raise $357,452, which pushes the charitable total raised by Ice Bowls since 1996 to $3.51 million All of this money was given to local organizations dedicated to fighting hunger. Here in Vermont, our GMDGC Ice Bowl, came in 2nd Place for "Money Raised" out of 218 events nationwide. We raised a record high of $15,143!!! To date, the GMDGC Ice Bowl has raised close to $64,000 in 10 years!! Every year I push our goal further and so for 2017 we will attempt to raise $16,000 to help feed those who need a hand. You will find a donation link on our homepage. Please ask your friends and family to help us reach our goal. NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL.

All cash donations will go directly to the food shelves we support!

CONFIRMED DONATIONS ( prizes go to the players and cash goes to the Food Shelves):
LCFS: chocolate, socks, whirly pop popcorn popper, 60x70 packable down throw
Steve Valkenberg: Mcbeth print
Muddy Creek: pottery bowl w/syrup and pancake mix
Skinny Pancake: $50 gift card
Albin Family Foundation: generous cash donation
Sherwin Art Glass: glass snowmen trophies
Flatbread ( Burlington): $50 gift card
The Lazy Frog ( Martha's Vineyard): (2) discs, (1) tshirt
Dakin Farm: gift basket ($60 value)
Cabot Creamery: gift baket ($75 value)
Prohibition Pig: $50 gift card
Top o the Hill DGC: (2) $25 gift cards, (3) Upper Park starter backpack bags
City Market (Burlington): $50 gift card
Scoontars DG Art Store: (10) handcrafted stickers
Beverage Warehouse: (3) $20 gift cards
Rock Art Brewery: $25 gift card
Thompson Flour Shop( Morrisville): $20 gift card
McCarthys Restaurant: (2) $20 gift cards
Cafe on Main( Stowe): $25 gift card
Harrison's Restaurant: $65 gift card
LCFS: bottle of Cooks Grand Reserve champagne
Fine Wine Cellar: bottle of 2011 Ferrari Carano Merlot
LCFS: mittens,zip neck fairer,ear warmers
Innova: (5) hoodys, stickers
Jim Bailey: 4 custom wood disc boxes
Jeremy Becker: 6 discs
Funke Zipper Pulls: bag zipper pulls
Vibram DG: (1) winter beanie, (1)baseball hat, (4) towels, (2) dog toys, (4) discs and (1) 40% off coupon card for each player
Mad Taco: (4) $10 gift cards
2Roads Brewing: 6 discs
Stowe Cider: gift pack ($25 value)
Starbucks: gift pack
Wrightsville Beach DGC: (2) discs, (2) season passes
Magic Hat: hoody,disc,pint glass,opener
GMDGC: Club calendar and Ice Bowl disc
Smugglers Notch Resort: 3 lift ticket packages ( 2 lift tickets per package)
Peasant Restaurant(Waitsfield): $50 gift card
Slopestyle Ski & Ride(Montpelier): $50 gift card
Hen of the Wood: $50 gift certificate
Trattoria Delia: $35 gift card
WrightLife DG: gift pack
Cookie Love: (2) dozen cookies, tshirt ($57value)
Doc Ponds (Stowe): (2) $25 gift cards
LCFS: Darn Tough socks, shower head w/wireless speakers
Alchemist: 2 tshirts, 2 coozies, 2 4pack gift cards, stickers
LCFS: Kirkland breakfast blend ( 120 ct ), Newman's Own K-Cups ( 100 ct box )
Piecasso (Stowe): $25 gift card
Church & Main ( Burlington): $50 gift card
Jimmy Z Pizza(Waterbury): (2) $25 gift cards

Chris Young
Steve Valkenberg
John Sudarsky
Pete Hess*
Charlie Veysey*
Jim Sestokas*
Garrett Washburn*
Will Cleland
Tom Slimm
Josh Wedel*
Josh Rappeport
Dave Frothingham*
Stefan Farrell
Gary Vigue
Ben Cudd*
Troy Thayer*
Tyler Ryan*
Matt Zabawa*
Travis Connolly
Marcos Miller*
Jeremey Jones*
Justin Leonard*
Mike Finn
Jeff Spring*
Craig Brown
Tom Shanley
Pete McCarthy*
Jim Bailey
Gabrielle Pozzani
Marques Pozzani
Billy Haddock*
Cory Barron*
Alan Gofberg*
Kyle Leduc*
John Kendall
Gary Royer
Jarred Wendel*
Nick Hall
Ryan McFarlin
Justin Devico*
Mary Stridsberg
David Rockwood*
Mike Habets*
Gary Whalen*
Jason Wilson*
Jeremy Hulsey*
Evan Eckrote
Andy Powell
Marty Vaughn*
Betsy Vaughn*
Steve Vander Kraats
Mike Brown
Collin Oneil*
Joe Walker
Joel Jarvis
Michael Pontbriand
Justin Govotski
Kevin D'Anna
Phil Christian*

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:59 am
by chris young
Alright friends it's now December and that means it's time to get to work raising money!

The calendars have kicked off our efforts and now it's time to pre register and individually fundraise. I would love to see some action in both departments and so I have a small but fun incentive....

If I receive $150 ( or more) in donations in your name before next Friday Dec.9th, you can pick your starting hole for Rd.1! Registration money is only included if you pre reg before Dec.9th at the $150 level, otherwise it's getting out and asking friends,family and neighbors for donations in your name ( make sure they put your name in the online donation form or I won't know who it's for). Get together with a friend over the next few days and raise some money and then pick your hole and play together for Rd 1 of the event!

Calendar and beer raffle $ ( raffle coming soon!!) is seperate from this. This is setup to get you registered and raise some money in the next week!

Hole #1: Wedel,Young,Becker,Jrapp
Hole #18: Sudarsky

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:31 am
by chris young
Jordan Potvin has got the ball rolling with 4 co workers donating almost $100 yesterday!

Let's keep it going! If we want to hit our goal of $16,000, it will take each and every one of you.

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:46 am
by chris young
Thanks to Jim Bailey for getting the Vermont Craft beer raffle live!

Here is the link and it is also in post#1....

Get your tickets now and spread the link on socail media. All proceeds go to feed the hungry.

We hope to have even more breweries participating this year!

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:54 am
by chris young
Prizes are rolling in, with a bunch more to be added in the coming week! Get yourself registered and help us hit $16,000!

Post #1 updated.....

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:59 pm
by chris young
HUGE thanks to Marty at Top o the Hill DGC in Canterbury,NH for donating 2 gift cards and 3 Upper Park DG bags!

Another big thanks to NEFA friends who are buying beer raffle tickets and supporting our event !

Post #1 updated daily as prizes start to pile up! The next 10 players to pre reg at the $50 or above level will go in a drawing for this years Marro designed Ice Bucket disc. All you have to do is register and you have a 1/10 chance of winning!

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:41 pm
by chris young
More prizes, more beer raffle tickets sold and more pre registered players today!

Potvin,Cleland and Slimm in the raffle which leaves 7 spots left to win a Marro Ice Bowl disc! Pre reg soon to have a chance.

Post #1 updated....

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:42 pm
by viggyg
sign me up for a 50 entry please gary vigue

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:15 pm
by chris young
Awesome Gary, please send paypal and I can then get you in the raffle. Thanks!

Re: GMDGC Ice Bowl: Ice Bucket XI,Sat.February 4,2017

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2017 10:37 am
by chris young
Tons of more added prizes, check out post #1! still many more coming in as we speak, stay tuned as I will be updating post #1 daily with info....

Huge thanks to the Mad Taco for helping with lunch. I updated that info. in post #1 as well so make sure to check that out. The skinny is that the Grange kitchen is under renovation and so for this year we will need to either A. bring your own bag lunch or B. order in the morning a burrito from the Mad Taco. $10 (cash only), pay and order morning of the event. 3 options, veggie,chicken or carnitas. Next year we will have the kitchen to use and we can go back to our traditional chili and cornbread potluck.

Just confirmed with Vibram that each player that participates in the event will get a 40% coupon card! This is good up to $500 in merchandise ( some restrictions apply), which is a great deal! Big thanks to Vibram for the support of our event! Get registered!