North Calais Shootout- July 8

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North Calais Shootout- July 8

Postby Cave Darter » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:43 pm

It is back. The North Calais Shootout. $10 to play (I think), top 3 places, 4 if enough players will get paid cash.
If you have never played this format, it's a blast. Here are the details.
Round 1- stroke play from your normal tees, typical 4-somes or filled as needed.
Round 2- top 19 players from round 1 advance. Anyone below 19 becomes an observer and heckler.

Round 2- everyone starts from hole 1 together. Worst score for the hole is eliminated. If there is a tie for worst score on the hole, there is a shootout.

Shootout- Of the people in the shootout, the player with the best score from the first round gets to pick a spot within a reasonable (for all players) distance from the basket. The player that is farthest from the pin on that shot is eliminated. (In the event that all shooters in the shootout make the shot, the person who picked the location is eliminated).

After a player is eliminated from hole one, we all move to hole two and the same rules apply. Person with the worst score on the hole is eliminated, if there is a tie, there will be another shootout.

Hole 18 with then have 2 players remaining to determine the winner.

All players whether eliminated or not, are encouraged to stick with the group for the enjoyment of camaraderie, libations, and heckling.

8:30 players meeting- Round 1 to begin after (9AM ish)- Please come out and enjoy the freshly mowed course, it is playing nicely, and ready for this day of enjoyment.
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