Green Mountain Points Series

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Green Mountain Points Series Charter

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What is the GMPS?

The GMPS is a points based competition that involves 10 tournaments throughout Vermont( 1 in New Hampshire). Players earn points at each event based on performance. The top 5 events will be used as the players season total.

Who is eligible to earn points in the GMPS?

Anyone who is a current member of the Green Mountain Disc Golf Club (GMDGC) will automatically earn points when they compete in a GMPS event. However, a player must compete in a minimum of 3 events in one division to qualify for a end of season payout in that division.

How do I join the GMDGC?

Membership details and contact info are located on the membership page.

What divisions will you be tracking points for?

Points will be tracked for GMDGC members at Green Mountain Points Series Tournaments in the following divisions: Pro Open, Pro Masters, Pro Grandmasters, Pro Women, Advanced AM, Intermediate AM, Recreational, Advanced Masters, Advanced Women, Intermediate Women and Juniors.

How are the points calculated?

Players in each division will get points based on how many players in the division. If a player is in a division of 1 then that player will get 73 points. For every player you beat or tie you get 3 points ( max of 27 points). A bonus of .2 per player beat will be awarded to the winner of each division.  Your total score for the season will be based on your best 5 scores (there are a total of 11 possible scores, States is Double Points).

“Last 2″ Rule – if you are not a GMDGC member at the time of a tournament and then join, only your last 2 events will count towards your overall Point total for the Series when you join. This gives new players a chance to check out a couple of events and see if they are interested in joining the GMDGC and competing in the GMPS before deciding on membership. We want to encourage membership to the GMDGC as much as we can, but we also do not want players waiting to see how they finish at events and becoming a member late in the season because they finished well, or not joining at all because they did not finish in a certain place.

Does Not Finish – If a player does not finish (DNF) or is disqualified they will have their attendance count toward a qualifying event for the GMPS (you need to attend a min. of 3), however they will receive zero points for that day. Additionally, they will still be counted toward the calculation of points for their division for the day.

Any other great things about the GMPS I should know about?

Though the details have not been finalized, the GMDGC intends to provide prizes and trophies to the winner of each division at the end of the season!

The Vermont USDGC Spot

How do you get selected to be the VT USDGC rep?

Ask the VT State PDGA rep if you are interested in the spot….