Green Mountain Points Series Charter

The Green Mountain Points Series (GMPS) is a series of tournaments in which players receive points for their performance in each event. At the end of the season top finishers in each division are earn a payout based on their total points earned. This document is intended to provide tournament directors and players an idea of what to expect from the points series and each event.

Event Parameters:

  • As an event in the GMPS the Tournament Director (TD) agrees to the following:
  • Registration shall open no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • At a minimum the course shall have 18 holes or the ability to accommodate a minimum 54 players.
  • The event shall have at a minimum an Ace Pot of $1, if the Ace Pot is not won at the event $1 per participating player shall go to the GMDGC to be added to the next event’s Ace Pot. If the Ace pot is greater than $1 per player the difference shall be given to the players by a method of the TD’s choice.
  • Pro Divisions shall be paid in cash; payouts shall be given to not less than 35% of the players is a pro division. TD’s may petition the President to pay Pro divisions in merchandise. Petitions much be received by the President no less than 1 week prior to pre-registration opening.
  • Amateur Divisions shall be paid in merchandise; payouts shall be given to not less than 35% of the players in an amateur division.
  • Vendors for merchandise payouts shall be of the TDs choice.
  • At a minimum events shall offer MPO, FPO, MPM, MPG, MA1, MA2, FW1, FW2, MM1, MA3 and JR. It is up to the players to place themselves in the division that is most appropriate for their skill level.
  • TD Compensation: The TDs entry fee may be paid by the tournament. This shall not reduce any divisional payout to less than 35%.

GMPS Points:

  • Players must be GMDGC members to compete in the GMPS.
  • A players who joins the GMDGC after playing in GMPS events will be credited the points from the two previous events they played in the current season.
  • Points will be awarded to players based on their finishing place for each event.The sytem is based on NEFA’s system which is 0-73. This means in a one person division you get 73 points. A player also gets 3 points for every player they beat/tie ( with a max of 27 points). There is also a 1st place bonus that is given to division winners of .2 per player beat. This means that in a division of 1 a player gets 73 points. In a division of 10 the first place finisher gets 101.8 ( 73+27+1.8).
  • Players will receive points based the numbers of players in the division.
  • A players total points for the season will be based on their best 5 finishes in GMPS events.
  • DNF- Players who start an event but do not finish will be credited with the event counting towards the minimum # of event to qualify for a series payout, but will receive 0 points.

TD’s agree to report event results to the Events Commitee Chair within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event. The Chair person will compute the GMPS points and update the season standing within 48 hours of receiving the results from the TD.

GMPS Finals:

  • The last event of the season will be the Vermont State Disc Golf Championships(VSDGC). This event is open to any Vermont resident or GMDGC member.
  • The VSDGC shall rotate through Vermont courses and shall not occur at the same course more than once in three years. The VSDGC shall be TD’d by the Tour Manager and/or the Club President.

GMPS Payout:

  • Cash from the GMDGC and our title sponsors will go to the GMPS payouts
  • $5 from every membership will go to the GMPS payout.
  • Only GMDGC members are eligible for GMPS payouts.
  • In order to qualify for payout in the GMPS a player must have played in at least three events.
  • The amount of payout in each division will be the percentage of the qualified players in that division to total number of qualified players.
  • Payouts in each division will be paid to the top 35-45% of qualified players per the current PDGA payout tables.
  • Amatuer division’s series payout shall be paid out in credit to a disc golf retailer. It is suggested that that same retailer be used for the series payout and for the payouts of the VSDGC.
  • Pro Divisions series payouts shall be in cash.