Ladies Disc Golf

Photo Mar 02, 4 38 24 PMAre you a lady discgolfer in Vermont? Well, you have come to the right place!

You can join the Ladies Vermont Discgolf Group to connect with other Vermont women discgolfers who wants to play a round, have a DG questions, etc.

Visit us & join:

I’m leaving the group open now so anyone can join and you have to be a member to post and get email notifications. But I can change that for “approval” if we get spam or have any issues. As for rules this should be used just for woman discgolfers. I’m the admin so if you cross a line as decided by my own capricious and unfair standards I’ll block you. So just play nice and we’ll all get along (doubt this will be an issue but you never know in the internets world).

Have a question? Email Gretchen at

And don’t forget to spread the word!!

P.S. in case you heard of the monthly rounds – I’m taking a little break from the scheduled monthly rounds this (2015) season mainly because my travel schedule is insane (sorry!)

I’ll still send an email from time to time (like when we do start monthly ladies rounds again). You can sign up here (or fill out the form below):