GMPS 2016

The "late," great James Beaulieu playing his creation. Pinnacle leads off the 2016 GMPS slate. James is in a better place now (the Carolinas).

The “late,” great James Beaulieu playing his creation. Pinnacle leads off the 2016 GMPS slate. James is in a better place now (the Carolinas).

I hope you enjoyed your disc golf hibernation because the GMPS schedule is set and it’s time to start thinking “chains.”  Here’s the rundown:

  1. May 7th Pinnacle Spring Run-Off VII.  (LFDT)  Pinnacle DGC,  Newport, NH.   TD: Spencer Weatherholt
  2. May 21st Sap Bucket Open XIII.  (NEFA/PDGA) Center Chains DGC,  Waterbury Ctr.  TD: John Sudarsky
  3. May 28th Quarries Throwdown.  (NEFA/PDGA) The Quarries DGC,  Barre.  TD: Andy Powell
  4. June 11th Brewster Ridge Open IV.  (NEFA/PDGA/Vibram Qualifier)  Brewster Ridge DGC,  Jeffersonville.  TD: Jeff Spring
  5. Sun June 19th Gnomes Challenge VIIII.  (NEFA)  White River DGC,  Randolph.  TD: Chris Young
  6. July 2nd Black Falls X.  Black Falls DGC,  Montgomery.  TD: TBD
  7. July 16th Base Camp Open.  (NEFA/PDGA)  Base Camp DGC,  Killington.  TD: Dave Frothingham
  8. Aug 6th North Calais Open.  North Calais DGC,  North Calais.  TD: TBD
  9. Aug 20th Wrightsville Open.  (NEFA)  Wrightsville Beach DGC,  Middlesex.  TD: TBD
  10. Sept 10th Storrs Pond Classic.  (LFDT)  Storrs Pond DGC,  Hanover NH.  TD: Spencer Weatherholt/Dan Walsh
  11. Oct 8th BurkeView Open.  Lyndon State College DGC,  Lyndonville.  TD: TBD
  12. Sun Oct. 30th VT State Championships.  (Finals/Double Points)  Location TBD.  TD: Chris Young

If this gorgeous, green 60 degree March day is any indication we should be in store for some awesome early-season disc golf.  Get ready for the Pinnacle party and renew your GMDGC membership today!  Anyone can play GMPS tourneys but only members get the benefit of season-long points tracking and the year-end booty that goes with it.  See our membership page for further details and to sign up.


Your faithful blogger has an increasing number of disc golf (and family/work) commitments in that other state that people from Boston drive through to get to fairest-Vermont.  In other words, his post count will be down this year.  Help a brother out and lend your voice to this space?  The job description is basically this:

  • Go to a lot of GMPS tournaments (so far so good!)
  • Take pictures, occasionally talk to other players
  • Dodge text messages from Chris Young where he gently requests homepage updates
  • Eventually get around to the tourney preview and/or recap after you’ve exhausted all possible excuses (real or fabricated)
  • Write about disc golf
  • Attempt to jinx Mike Habets (or whoever is in front of you in GMPS points) with glowing praise and “how does he do it!?” language 😉
  • Rack your brain for disc golf shot descriptors other than “beautiful,” “crush,” “sweet,” etc.
  • Make up beefs between AM2 players
  • Write about writing about disc golf
  • Assign people nicknames they didn’t ask for or approve
  • Eventually groom your successor

The pay is good by disc golf standards- many genuine “Thank You’s” and high-fives and the occasional “Volunteer of the Year” Award (I am DEEPLY honored by that!)

If you’d like to help promote the club we all love with fresh and tasty homepage updates, reach out to us!  Contact the prez at

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