Pinnacle Spring Run-Off Wrap Up

It is official-tourney season has arrived! The Pinnacle Spring Run-Off was definitely a great time to be had by all. With 30+ players per-registered and there was a pretty solid number of peeps that registered day of for 55(ish) players in all. Not too shabby. A big shout out to the TD James B. and the Pinnacle crew. I’ve gone down a couple times over the past month and it was clear the work they put in to get it ready for the tourney. Thank You. Oh and while I’m thanking – let’s not forget to thank our GMPS Sponsors, Fiddlehead Brewing Company and Three Penny Tap Room. As well as, our website sponsor, Base Camp Outfitters. You guys rock!

Ok, now on to the tourney itself. Weather was, well Vermont weather. Pretty overcast and windy for the first round which made a number of holes quite interesting, and pretty chilly for most people. Second round, the sun came out and wind died  down a bit (but still came into play on a bunch of holes). But all and all was a great day! I’ll leave it up to Circle Three to do any sort of assessment on where the divisions are lining up based on the first tourney (you know if he feels so inclined). More to come with complete numbers, standings and all that fun jazz later this week so make sure to check back but in the mean time here’s a little visual on how the day lined up.

UPDATE: Check out the scores for Pinnacle Spring Run-Off here and the GMPS Standings here.

Personally, I learned a couple of things. One – I need a flick; and two – staying out late the night before a tourney does not do great things for my game. Who knew? But regardless, of performance it was certainly a great kick off to the GMPS. Seemed like a bunch of peeps came down on Friday to get some practice in. I for one, am not sure the round on Friday actually improved my game but was certainly fun times. I also want to give a shout out to the Bachnein folks, who are getting some gear in for the ladies. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I really want another T-shirt that goes down to my knees, it’ll be great to have something I’ll actually wear in public.

You can check out pictures from the day on the GMDGC Facebook Page (and don’t forget to like it while you’re there). Oh and couple folks mentioned that I only seem to post photos of a handful of people. So here’s the deal – if you play on my card, then I take pictures of you. If you are on a different card, well feel free to takes some and pass them along to me. Otherwise, I may snap a few during breaks if I feel so inclined (you get what you pay for). And as always, if you’d prefer I not post a pic, not take any at all. No problem, I’ll put the camera down/delete any photos you don’t like. Because really, who wants pics out there on the interweb that you don’t like? Want something posted on the website? Sure I can do that. Shoot me an email. Can’t promise I’ll post it the way you want or the day of (I try to get things up within a week) but I’ll do my best.

For the few of us headed to Hyzer tomorrow, see you there!  I’ll probably be bringing  my icepack and lots of caffeinated drinks but Hyzer is one course not to miss. I mean it wouldn’t be discgolf if you weren’t driving through a few states, to play a few sleep deprived rounds, right?

UPDATE: Check out the scores for Pinnacle Spring Run-Off here and the GMPS Standings here.

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