The 2010 Ice Bucket!!

It’s official! The Green Mountain Disc Golf Club’s Ice Bucket Tournament and Fund Raiser returns for 2010.

This full day of fun in the snow is a great way to kick off the new year AND raise some serious support for those in need in our communities. Last year’s Ice Bucket raised $2,288 for the Waterbury Area Food Shelf. This year, we’re aiming high and will contribute 100% of the proceeds to TWO, count ’em, TWO local charities: The Waterbury Area Food Shelf and The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. Come one! Come All! It’s for a good cause!

The 2010 GMDGC Ice Bucket
Saturday, January 30th
Center Chains Disc Golf Course
Waterbury Center, VT
Players Meeting at 8:30 – Tee off at 9!

The Ice Bucket is unlike any other GMDGC Tournament so I’m going to go into extended detail below to make sure everyone knows how this event works.

Let’s do this in a Q and A format shall we?

Q: What’s the format for this year’s event?
A: The first round of disc golf will be Singles Play from the White Tees. The second round of golf will be High/Low Best/Worst Disc Doubles from the White Tees.

Q: What is Singles Play from the White Tees mean?
A: Ah… this is pretty straight forward. Don’t ask dumb questions.

Q: What is High/Low Best/Worst Disc Doubles mean?
A: That’s a great question, thank you. Doubles means that players will be matched up in teams of two for the round. High/Low refers to the ranking from the first round of singles play.  So, the 1st place golfer (that’s the person with the lowest score from the first round) will be teamed up with the last place golfer (that’s the person with the highest score from the first round). The next team will feature the 2nd best and the 2nd worst together and so on and so on until all teams are chosen.

Q: Great, but you didn’t explain what Best/Worst Disc means?
A: I was getting to that. Don’t interrupt. Best/Worst Disc refers to which of the discs each team plays from after their tee shot. The Best Disc portion of the round will be played on the odd numbered holes (that’s 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15, & 17). For these holes, after the tee shot, your team chooses which of your two discs to play from for the next shot. Then both players throw from your chosen disc and it continues until one of your team’s discs gets in the basket. The Worst Disc portion of the round will be played on the even numbered holes (that’s 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16, & 18). For these holes, after your tee shot, your opponent’s team chooses which of your two disc you’ll play from for the next shot and that continues until BOTH of your team’s discs get in the basket.  That’s right, on Worst Disc holes, both team members have to make the final putt otherwise the worst disc is on the ground and therefore not in the basket.

Q: I know this is a fund raiser, but how much does it cost?
A:  The entry fee is $20. That’s all you need to pay to play. But, unlike any other GMDGC tournament, at the Ice Bucket you can buy Mulligans in advance. Mulligans are $1 each for the first round and $2 each for the second round.

Q: That’s a great price, but do you have any special deals?
A: Funny you should ask, we do. We have the Generous Golfer Package that gets you: 1 Entry Fee, 18 first round mulligans, 18 second round mulligans, and two handiheats for just $50 <—- that saves you at least $24 bucks!!! and you get the handiheats to keep your hands warm. You can’t show me a better deal.

Q: Will there be any cool prizes?
A: There most certainly will be. Right off the bat, we have confirmed donations from the Skinny Pancake Restaurant (a $20 gift certificate) and the Waterbury Center Bakery and General Store (Discs, Discs, Discs). Check out this thread for updates on new sponsors and donations as we get them.

Last year, prizes included donations from The Albin Family Foundation (Hot Lunch for all plus a generous cash donation to the Food Shelf), The Alchemist (2 $25 gift certificates), Magic Hat (2 Fleece vests, 2 Tee Shirts and 2 hats), Mad River Glen (2 x 2-day lift passes and 2 MRG brand T-shirts), Marker (6 pairs of Ski Goggles), Prime Discs (6 Prime minis, 4 Prime water bottles, 2 Prime Ts, 2 VO Surges), Onion River Sports ($25 Gift Certificate), Jimmz Pizza ($20 Gift Certificate), Rock Art (2 Discs), EESA Clothing(6 pairs of socks and 12 bandanas) and a few more. This year is likely to shape us just as good and if we work together, we might be able to make it even bigger.

If you want to reach out to a potential sponsor or are a potential sponsor who wants to donate, please contact either Pete Hess at or Chris Young at

Q: Anything else I should know about the prizes?
A: Yeah, you can only win once. So if you when something in the first round, the only prize you’ll get in the second round is pride (however, if the other member of the double team hasn’t won anything yet, they’ll still get a prize.) This is done to spread out the good cheer at this awesome charity event. So no whining.

Q: This sounds fantastic! How do I register?

A: Excellent. Do it now. Post a comment on this thread in the GMDGC forum or send an email Chris Young at

Q: How do I pre-pay?

A: Pete Hess is the Tournament Director for the event this year and he has asked that everyone please pay at the event. So, no need to pre-pay, just show up with your cash or check and Pete will gladly check you in. But please don’t forget to let us know you are coming — so we can make sure there is enough food and prizes — by adding a comment on this thread or emailing Chris Young at

Q: I can’t go, but I still want to support the GMDGC’s fund raising drive. How can I give?
A: AWESOME! You are a true member of the local disc golf community. Thank you! Click here to contribute directly to the event.

Q: What is a “Mulligan?”
A: Where have you been living for the last decade? Here is what wikipedia says about Mulligans: A mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. The practice is also sometimes referred to as a “do over.”

In the Ice Bucket – Mulligans are good for just about anything anywhere anytime.   So Yes, any of your throws including the 4 foot putt that you miss because you are standing on the ribbon taped to your disc or the time you decided it would be fun to try a tomahawk on Hole 12 and your disc never hit the ground.   And yes, you can use 5 on one hole, or on one “throw” for that matter… think Tin Cup.

Q: Why would I want to buy a mulligan?
A: Did I mention there are all sorts of cool prizes? Also, did you read above how the doubles round will be played? On the Worst Disc holes, your opponents are going to try and screw you.  Mulligans will help with that they’re good for anything. Really, please pay attention. Besides, if not for your score, buy some for charity.

Q: How many mulligans can I buy?
A: You can purchase as many mulligans as you wish. I hear, Frothy usually gets 4 a hole, so don’t plan to be shy. It’s for charity, so there’s no need for pride.

Q: Will the 2010 GMDGC Bag Tags be ready in time for the event?
A: That’s the plan. The 2010 Bag Tags will be unveiled during the Award Ceremony after the second round.  The Tags will be handed out in order of best to worst scores from the first round. The remaining bag tags will be handed out to GMDGC members in the order members sign up. So don’t forget to renew your membership or join for the first time online here.

Q: I have more question, how do I get them answered?
A: Ask them in the comments below or in the comments on this thread and one of us will answer it as soon as possible.

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5 Responses to “The 2010 Ice Bucket!!”

  1. Larry Hall says:

    How long will the ice bucket event take to play?
    And If i can only stick around to play the singles round, is that ok?

  2. Charles says:

    Hi Larry,

    The entire event takes pretty much all day with the Awards ending sometime usually just after it gets dark.

    If you come for just the first round, I think you can expect it to be finished sometime between noon and 1.

    You’re welcome to only play the first round if that’s all you can do on that day, but the entry fee of $20 will stay the same regardless.

    I hope to see you there!

  3. Frothy says:

    This year we shorten the layouts we are playing to shorten the day. We will hope fully gets to the awards before dark. I would expect each round to take 2 1/2 hours and lunch to be about an hour long.

  4. Kathy Hudson says:

    Since the second round depends on the results of the first, I would guess that means you can’t do just the doubles. ? Also, I know this sounds silly, but how do folks keep warmed up during the day? Thanks

  5. Chris Young says:

    Hi Kathy,
    We hope you will join us for one of the more fun events of the year! Come on out, whether its for one round or both, its for a great cause and you can definately play the doubles round with us if you would like! Last year, it was heard, that all the players pilled into the Waterbury Ctr. Store for lunch and warmth!

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