Sap Bucket Recap & Quarries Preview

Players head out for the start of the 1st round

Players head out for the start of the 1st round

GMPS#2 is in the books and we got a beautiful day for disc golf at Center Chains DGC in Waterbury Center, VT for the Sap Bucket Open XIII! This is the longest running event at the oldest public course in the state, so taking home a title here means something! Last weekend’s event saw a large field of 80 players compete across 10 different divisions! This GMPS event was also a PDGA C-Tier so we have some round ratings to look at as well. Check them out here: SAP BUCKET PDGA RESULTS. With 2 events in the books, there are also GMPS considerations to review as the early division leaders try to stake their claim on the 2016 series. But first, here are your 2016 winners and field sizes they beat:

  • MPO – Dario Re – 12 person field
  • MPM – Chris Young – 4 person field
  • MPG – Marcos Miller – 5 person field
  • MA1 – Charlier Veysey – 19 person field
  • FA1 – Alex Benson – 4 person field
  • MG1 – Rick Williams – 1 person field
  • MA2 – Jay Stevens – 28 person field
  • FA2 – Emily Kirbach – 4 person field
  • MJ2 – Jamie White – 1 person field
  • MA3 – Garret Worely – 3 person field
Smugglers Notch Resort and their Brewster RIdge DIsc GOlf operation were on-site vending and providing AM prizes!

Smugglers Notch Resort and their Brewster Ridge Disc Golf operation were on-site vending and providing AM prizes!


Frist off, let me mention that we have had some great results from players NOT in the GMPS through these first two events. If you don’t see your scores up in the GMPS standings, it most likely means you need to purchase you 2016 GMDGC Membership for your rounds to count in the GMPS. The rule for the GMPS is that the scores from the last 2 events count when you join as a member, so don’t wait if you have a good score out there! For the player’s that are GMDGC members, take a peak at the current current GMPS Standings.


Wait until after the round if you're going swimming!

Wait until after the round if you’re going swimming!

Tomorrow, Saturday May 28th, GMPS #3 will kick off at the Barre Town Forest and Quarries DGC. This course has evolved and broken in considerably since its inception in 2013 and is now hosting its 2nd GMPS event! We again look to have a robust field full of both Vermonter’s and golfer’s from across New England.

For a full hole-by-hole preview of this event (thanks Andy Powell, for your shockingly thorough forum thread) please check out the Quarries forum thread. There are only a few spots left, and pre-registration is over, so there early if you would like to try to register the morning of! We will report back soon!

Until next time – Keep on dreamweaving those lines.

GMPS 2016 Starts Strong at Pinnacle


Jeff Spring and the funnest CTP in sports

After a long layoff the GMPS season opened with a bang at Pinnacle (Newport, NH) on May 7.  The event sold out at an event-record 90 players and was dual-sanctioned with the NH points series (Live Free and Drive Tour).  Players from both shores of the CT River were treated to a great day of disc golf – see below for a quick rundown.  Before you do, though, jump over to DGS and register for GMPS #2: The 13th annual Sap Bucket @ Center Chains (Waterbury, VT).  John Sudarsky is brewing up another great NEFA/PDGA tournament at this classic Vermont course, just minutes from the I-89 “IPA Highway.”

TD’ed smoothly by Spencer Weatherholt and Dan Walsh (played by “His Excellency the Reverend” Gary Stansfield) Pinnacle marked the first of many collaborations between GMPS and LFDT.  Both organizations enjoyed bigger, better fields than their separate events at the course in 2015.  We look forward to another successful dual-sanctioned event at Storrs Pond this fall and hopefully a continuation of the friendly border war next year!

But enough about lame organizational stuff, who threw discs into baskets well at Pinnacle?  There were a couple of “local boy makes good” stories:  Newport local Bret Sorter beat the rest of the MA2 field by 7 strokes! (it must’ve been the cart).  After a strong showing in MA2 last year, Chris Wentzell took down his home opener with a narrow victory over kinda-local Alan Gofberg (who remains the only player I’ve seen take a courtesy violation from 3 holes away thanks to a colorful hotel-bathroom story).  Peter Anderson backed up his Top O’ The Hill MPG victory with another one, this time via playoff vs Marcos Miller.  Chris Young officially outlived his name and took down his first MASTERS event, prompting Spencer to accuse him of competing under a forged Dominican birth certificate.


In one of his quieter moments, Alan Gofberg saves 4 from beyond the stream on 14. Nice putt!

The big-boy division was won by Concord native and Top O’ The Hill player Tyler Colby.  Tyler shot a (competition) COURSE-RECORD 51 to smoke Jim Bailey’s morning hot-round of 54 en route to a 3 stroke victory.  He did it in characteristic Colby fashion- throwing controlled drives and smashing line drive putts in and out of the circle.  We may not see him in the Green Mountain State, but Colby is a force to be reckoned with in NH disc golf!

You can check the forum for full results (bizarrely out-of-order) and accompanying trash talk.  That’s all from New Hampshire, on to Sap Bucket!!


“That’s the course that I shredded, right over there” – Tyler Colby

GMPS 2016

The "late," great James Beaulieu playing his creation. Pinnacle leads off the 2016 GMPS slate. James is in a better place now (the Carolinas).

The “late,” great James Beaulieu playing his creation. Pinnacle leads off the 2016 GMPS slate. James is in a better place now (the Carolinas).

I hope you enjoyed your disc golf hibernation because the GMPS schedule is set and it’s time to start thinking “chains.”  Here’s the rundown:

  1. May 7th Pinnacle Spring Run-Off VII.  (LFDT)  Pinnacle DGC,  Newport, NH.   TD: Spencer Weatherholt
  2. May 21st Sap Bucket Open XIII.  (NEFA/PDGA) Center Chains DGC,  Waterbury Ctr.  TD: John Sudarsky
  3. May 28th Quarries Throwdown.  (NEFA/PDGA) The Quarries DGC,  Barre.  TD: Andy Powell
  4. June 11th Brewster Ridge Open IV.  (NEFA/PDGA/Vibram Qualifier)  Brewster Ridge DGC,  Jeffersonville.  TD: Jeff Spring
  5. Sun June 19th Gnomes Challenge VIIII.  (NEFA)  White River DGC,  Randolph.  TD: Chris Young
  6. July 2nd Black Falls X.  Black Falls DGC,  Montgomery.  TD: TBD
  7. July 16th Base Camp Open.  (NEFA/PDGA)  Base Camp DGC,  Killington.  TD: Dave Frothingham
  8. Aug 6th North Calais Open.  North Calais DGC,  North Calais.  TD: TBD
  9. Aug 20th Wrightsville Open.  (NEFA)  Wrightsville Beach DGC,  Middlesex.  TD: TBD
  10. Sept 10th Storrs Pond Classic.  (LFDT)  Storrs Pond DGC,  Hanover NH.  TD: Spencer Weatherholt/Dan Walsh
  11. Oct 8th BurkeView Open.  Lyndon State College DGC,  Lyndonville.  TD: TBD
  12. Sun Oct. 30th VT State Championships.  (Finals/Double Points)  Location TBD.  TD: Chris Young

If this gorgeous, green 60 degree March day is any indication we should be in store for some awesome early-season disc golf.  Get ready for the Pinnacle party and renew your GMDGC membership today!  Anyone can play GMPS tourneys but only members get the benefit of season-long points tracking and the year-end booty that goes with it.  See our membership page for further details and to sign up.


Your faithful blogger has an increasing number of disc golf (and family/work) commitments in that other state that people from Boston drive through to get to fairest-Vermont.  In other words, his post count will be down this year.  Help a brother out and lend your voice to this space?  The job description is basically this:

  • Go to a lot of GMPS tournaments (so far so good!)
  • Take pictures, occasionally talk to other players
  • Dodge text messages from Chris Young where he gently requests homepage updates
  • Eventually get around to the tourney preview and/or recap after you’ve exhausted all possible excuses (real or fabricated)
  • Write about disc golf
  • Attempt to jinx Mike Habets (or whoever is in front of you in GMPS points) with glowing praise and “how does he do it!?” language 😉
  • Rack your brain for disc golf shot descriptors other than “beautiful,” “crush,” “sweet,” etc.
  • Make up beefs between AM2 players
  • Write about writing about disc golf
  • Assign people nicknames they didn’t ask for or approve
  • Eventually groom your successor

The pay is good by disc golf standards- many genuine “Thank You’s” and high-fives and the occasional “Volunteer of the Year” Award (I am DEEPLY honored by that!)

If you’d like to help promote the club we all love with fresh and tasty homepage updates, reach out to us!  Contact the prez at

Ice Bucket X Smashes Expectations (and Chains)


The GMDGC Ice Bucket (a part of the nationwide “Ice Bowl” series) marked it’s 10th year of charitable fundraising in Waterbury Center on Jan 30th.  Last year the group crested $12,000 raised to feed local families through the Waterbury Area Food Shelf and Lamoille Community Food Share.  It was the 3rd-highest total of 238 events!  Growing the Ice Bucket to serve Vermont families in need has become a passion project for GMDGC President Chris Young and he set his sights even higher this year with a goal of $13,000.  With Chris’s leadership and the generosity of club members and friends, we shattered even THAT lofty goal.  Read on for a summary from the Prez:

“All donations have been counted and our total is official….. $15,143 raised for 2 Vermont food shelves!!  We had 69 players and temp’s were hovering around 25 degrees. Look for results on the homepage in the next day or two!  [EDITOR’S NOTE: More like 20.  My bad!]  Thanks again to all the businesses and individuals that contributed to this event in any way. Without you we would not be what we are.  We should all be proud of our efforts. Together we are helping thousands of Vermonter’s fight hunger every year and that is what a community is all about! THANK YOU!!”

Vermont: kinda pretty in the winter.

Vermont: kinda pretty in the winter.

As of this writing the GMDGC event sits in 1st place in money raised in 2016 (127 “precincts” reporting).  Congrats to TD’s Chris Young and Pete Hess and everyone that helped make the fundraiser such a huge success.  Oh and did I mention there was disc golf!?  69 players braved the elements to vie for the coveted bucket ‘o beer (stocked by last year’s champ, yours truly).  Andy Powell was the leader in the clubhouse at the chili-break with an event-record 18-hole singles round of 35!  That’s 17 deuces and an ace (not counting the 60 mulligans it took to get there).  After Andy there were 9 other players that carded a “perfect” 36 heading into the 2nd round and high-low doubles (like I said, mulligans!)  Jordan Potvin turned it on in dubs with the help of partner Tom Slimm, carding a hot round of 37 en route to a 1-stroke overall victory (Pete Hess and Dave Frothingham were in hot pursuit).  In the process Jordan NEARLY completed the Ice Bucket sweep:  he had best overall score, best dubs round, was the HIGHEST FUNDRAISER, and missed best singles score by just one stroke thanks to Andy’s heroics.  It was a tremendous performance and a well-deserved crown for a player who stepped up more than any other to help feed Vermont families.  Congratulations Jordan!  For more Ice Bucket stat-stalking see full scoring here.

Ace side-note.  There were several on the day including Andy’s and a Sean Bleything PURE I witnessed on 13 in the morning round.  The best ace story came by way of John Kendall, partnered with Pete Hess for the dubs round:  John went on to hit not one but TWO aces in the afternoon.  The only problem was BOTH were on worst-disc holes!  Pete burned many mulligans trying to follow his partner’s line into the chains but in the end they carded a pair of (noteworthy) deuces 🙁

Eye-in-the-sky note:  Check out this awesome event footage courtesy of Over and Above Aerial Photography!

2016 GMC Registration Posted!

Registration for the 2016 Green Mountain Championship Presented by Discraft opens this Tuesday! Check here on the forum for more details!