GMPS 2016

The "late," great James Beaulieu playing his creation. Pinnacle leads off the 2016 GMPS slate. James is in a better place now (the Carolinas).

The “late,” great James Beaulieu playing his creation. Pinnacle leads off the 2016 GMPS slate. James is in a better place now (the Carolinas).

I hope you enjoyed your disc golf hibernation because the GMPS schedule is set and it’s time to start thinking “chains.”  Here’s the rundown:

  1. May 7th Pinnacle Spring Run-Off VII.  (LFDT)  Pinnacle DGC,  Newport, NH.   TD: Spencer Weatherholt
  2. May 21st Sap Bucket Open XIII.  (NEFA/PDGA) Center Chains DGC,  Waterbury Ctr.  TD: John Sudarsky
  3. May 28th Quarries Throwdown.  (NEFA/PDGA) The Quarries DGC,  Barre.  TD: Andy Powell
  4. June 11th Brewster Ridge Open IV.  (NEFA/PDGA/Vibram Qualifier)  Brewster Ridge DGC,  Jeffersonville.  TD: Jeff Spring
  5. Sun June 19th Gnomes Challenge VIIII.  (NEFA)  White River DGC,  Randolph.  TD: Chris Young
  6. July 2nd Black Falls X.  Black Falls DGC,  Montgomery.  TD: TBD
  7. July 16th Base Camp Open.  (NEFA/PDGA)  Base Camp DGC,  Killington.  TD: Dave Frothingham
  8. Aug 6th North Calais Open.  North Calais DGC,  North Calais.  TD: TBD
  9. Aug 20th Wrightsville Open.  (NEFA)  Wrightsville Beach DGC,  Middlesex.  TD: TBD
  10. Sept 10th Storrs Pond Classic.  (LFDT)  Storrs Pond DGC,  Hanover NH.  TD: Spencer Weatherholt/Dan Walsh
  11. Oct 8th BurkeView Open.  Lyndon State College DGC,  Lyndonville.  TD: TBD
  12. Sun Oct. 30th VT State Championships.  (Finals/Double Points)  Location TBD.  TD: Chris Young

If this gorgeous, green 60 degree March day is any indication we should be in store for some awesome early-season disc golf.  Get ready for the Pinnacle party and renew your GMDGC membership today!  Anyone can play GMPS tourneys but only members get the benefit of season-long points tracking and the year-end booty that goes with it.  See our membership page for further details and to sign up.


Your faithful blogger has an increasing number of disc golf (and family/work) commitments in that other state that people from Boston drive through to get to fairest-Vermont.  In other words, his post count will be down this year.  Help a brother out and lend your voice to this space?  The job description is basically this:

  • Go to a lot of GMPS tournaments (so far so good!)
  • Take pictures, occasionally talk to other players
  • Dodge text messages from Chris Young where he gently requests homepage updates
  • Eventually get around to the tourney preview and/or recap after you’ve exhausted all possible excuses (real or fabricated)
  • Write about disc golf
  • Attempt to jinx Mike Habets (or whoever is in front of you in GMPS points) with glowing praise and “how does he do it!?” language 😉
  • Rack your brain for disc golf shot descriptors other than “beautiful,” “crush,” “sweet,” etc.
  • Make up beefs between AM2 players
  • Write about writing about disc golf
  • Assign people nicknames they didn’t ask for or approve
  • Eventually groom your successor

The pay is good by disc golf standards- many genuine “Thank You’s” and high-fives and the occasional “Volunteer of the Year” Award (I am DEEPLY honored by that!)

If you’d like to help promote the club we all love with fresh and tasty homepage updates, reach out to us!  Contact the prez at

Ice Bucket X Smashes Expectations (and Chains)


The GMDGC Ice Bucket (a part of the nationwide “Ice Bowl” series) marked it’s 10th year of charitable fundraising in Waterbury Center on Jan 30th.  Last year the group crested $12,000 raised to feed local families through the Waterbury Area Food Shelf and Lamoille Community Food Share.  It was the 3rd-highest total of 238 events!  Growing the Ice Bucket to serve Vermont families in need has become a passion project for GMDGC President Chris Young and he set his sights even higher this year with a goal of $13,000.  With Chris’s leadership and the generosity of club members and friends, we shattered even THAT lofty goal.  Read on for a summary from the Prez:

“All donations have been counted and our total is official….. $15,143 raised for 2 Vermont food shelves!!  We had 69 players and temp’s were hovering around 25 degrees. Look for results on the homepage in the next day or two!  [EDITOR’S NOTE: More like 20.  My bad!]  Thanks again to all the businesses and individuals that contributed to this event in any way. Without you we would not be what we are.  We should all be proud of our efforts. Together we are helping thousands of Vermonter’s fight hunger every year and that is what a community is all about! THANK YOU!!”

Vermont: kinda pretty in the winter.

Vermont: kinda pretty in the winter.

As of this writing the GMDGC event sits in 1st place in money raised in 2016 (127 “precincts” reporting).  Congrats to TD’s Chris Young and Pete Hess and everyone that helped make the fundraiser such a huge success.  Oh and did I mention there was disc golf!?  69 players braved the elements to vie for the coveted bucket ‘o beer (stocked by last year’s champ, yours truly).  Andy Powell was the leader in the clubhouse at the chili-break with an event-record 18-hole singles round of 35!  That’s 17 deuces and an ace (not counting the 60 mulligans it took to get there).  After Andy there were 9 other players that carded a “perfect” 36 heading into the 2nd round and high-low doubles (like I said, mulligans!)  Jordan Potvin turned it on in dubs with the help of partner Tom Slimm, carding a hot round of 37 en route to a 1-stroke overall victory (Pete Hess and Dave Frothingham were in hot pursuit).  In the process Jordan NEARLY completed the Ice Bucket sweep:  he had best overall score, best dubs round, was the HIGHEST FUNDRAISER, and missed best singles score by just one stroke thanks to Andy’s heroics.  It was a tremendous performance and a well-deserved crown for a player who stepped up more than any other to help feed Vermont families.  Congratulations Jordan!  For more Ice Bucket stat-stalking see full scoring here.

Ace side-note.  There were several on the day including Andy’s and a Sean Bleything PURE I witnessed on 13 in the morning round.  The best ace story came by way of John Kendall, partnered with Pete Hess for the dubs round:  John went on to hit not one but TWO aces in the afternoon.  The only problem was BOTH were on worst-disc holes!  Pete burned many mulligans trying to follow his partner’s line into the chains but in the end they carded a pair of (noteworthy) deuces 🙁

Eye-in-the-sky note:  Check out this awesome event footage courtesy of Over and Above Aerial Photography!

2016 GMC Registration Posted!

Registration for the 2016 Green Mountain Championship Presented by Discraft opens this Tuesday! Check here on the forum for more details!



Ice Bucket- a proud GMDGC tradition!

Alt Title: “Do you even (winter) disc golf, bro?”


The 10th GMDGC Ice Bucket Charity tournament is coming up Saturday Jan 30th at Center Chains (Waterbury Center, VT) and you should come out and join us.  The Ice Bucket is one of the most fun and funky events of the GMDGC calendar year.  It brings together the regional disc golf community like few other occasions and has been hugely successful year after year raising funds for its target charities: The Waterbury Area Food Shelf and Lamoille Community Food Share.  Under the stewardship of GMDGC President Chris Young the 2015 Ice Bucket broke the $12,000 mark and this year we’re striving for $13,000 raised for charity!  Disc golfers nationwide raised $344,184 last year through the “Ice Bowl” series (  The GMDGC event continues to lead the pack through the dedication and generosity of its participants: in 2015 (and 2014) generating the 3rd-highest charitable donation in a pool of 238 events!


Ok so charity is great but what about the disc golf!?  I’m glad you asked.  The Ice Bucket follows a creative, one-of-a-kind format.  You can read all about it and register at the forum.  The elevator-pitch is this: 2 rounds of play including singles and high/low doubles.  Oh and there are mulligans.  If you’re bad at disc golf, you can buy mulligans.  If you’re good at disc golf, YOU CAN BUY MULLIGANS!  From experience I recommend you buy more mulligans than Jeff Spring, Mike Habets, Sean Bleything, etc.  Between rounds, enjoy a community lunch in the toasty-warm Grange Hall.  The only cash changing hands is for charity but all participants leave with a prize thanks to the generosity of players and organizers.  The prizes are given away in a “draft” fashion with the biggest fundraisers and lowest scores on the day getting first dibs.

Are you going to let a little cold and snow keep you from your favorite fair-weather pastime?  I promise your discs will still work.

Winter golf is a thing, you know


Did you know that a lot of disc golfers like beer, specifically fancy craft beer that you generally have to wait in line for?  It turns out Vermont has a lot of that beer and we’ll be auctioning it off.  Like the tourney, 100% of proceeds benefit the food pantries.  Check out the haul from our generous local brewers (including Lawsons, Fiddlehead, Lost Nation, Rock Art, Crop, and Otter Creek) and participate in the online raffle here.  You do not have to be present to win but you do have to pick it up in VT (and be 21 years of age, of course).


Chris Young wants you to FEEL THE BERN!  Limited edition Bernie Sanders stamped Buzzz’es are available for $25 each in a sweet M@ Marro design.  Act now – when we sell out we’re moving on to Donald J Trump modular wall-building kits.  Once again, all proceeds straight to charity.  




Even if you hate disc golf, beer, and Bernie you can still help feed hungry Vermonters by donating directly to the cause.

We hope to see you all at Ice Bucket.  Whether you (or your money) make it out there you can help us promote the event and raise money for this worthwhile cause by sharing this post or our FB event page.

We (and your neighbors in need) appreciate your generosity!


Pretty much sums it up

GMPS Finals 2015

After 12 tournaments and a summer-full of disc golf fun across the great state of Vermont (and New Hampshire) the GMDGC crowned its 2015 champions at the culminating event at Wrightsville Beach DGC on Oct 17.  I dragged my feet on writing this post: “If I don’t write a wrap-up maybe the season isn’t totally, completely, finally OVER??”  Well it is over, and it was awesome.


MPO points leaders in round 1 (aka the calm before the storm): Bailey, Frothy, Young, Habets

Points races across all 7 divisions were very much in play headed into the final event.  With the double-points format allowing for big swings in the standings the season champs would be determined by who could turn in 2 solid rounds “in the clutch.”  In the MPO division things started off slow in round 1: Mike Habets, Jeff Spring and Sean Bleything shared “hot round” of 52 while Jim Bailey and Edwin Bedell carded 53’s.  Habets, Spring, and Bailey could all take the season title with a strong finish and the stage was set for a shootout in round 2.

The lead card featured Bailey (incoming points-leader), prior GMPS MPO champs Spring (2013) and Bleything (2014), and 2013-2014 runner-up Habets.  When play resumed in the afternoon it was Habets who set the tone from the start.  Haunted by the 2 season titles that slipped through his grasp at the last possible moment (Spring and Bleything both leapfrogged him at finals), Habets played with an unmatched determination and focus.  After going 4-3 on the treacherous holes 1 and 2 he nabbed deuces on 3 and 4 to move into the lead.  On hole 6, Habets hit another gear:  he laid down a perfect backhand roller from the tee that arced through the orchard and settled into the putting circle.  He nailed a 25ft’er for a killer deuce (eagle?) while his pursuers struggled to 3s and 4s.  Bailey and Bleything had no answer for Habets’ torrid pace but Spring would mount a valiant charge with a string of 6 straight birdies (holes 8 through 13) before falling off with a bogey on 14 (after a deuce opportunity!)

Going on to deuce 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 16 Mike’s mistake-free golf propelled him to a course-record 46 and the (5-stroke) win that he needed to secure a GMPS championship!  When the final putt fell on 18 Habets was overcome with the gravity of his accomplishment: he had played the best golf of his career in the biggest moment to take the title that eluded him the past two years.  With bookend victories at the season opener (Pinnacle) and closer, Mike overcame a season beset by injury and major life changes (his family welcomed a baby boy this summer!) to capture his first MPO championship.  Habets was immediately surrounded by his competitors offering heartfelt congratulations and mildly-awkward bro-hugs.  Unconfirmed rumors indicate that the city of Newport, NH shut down schools and businesses the following Monday for a ticker-tape parade! 😉  Final MPO standings had Jeff Spring vaulting to 2nd place on the season (nearly winning despite playing only 6 events!) and Jim Bailey dropping to 3rd in his “rookie” season.

Habets was not the only player to lock up a division title with a Wrightsville victory.  Chris Martin did so in MA1 with a 5-stroke win of his own (109 on the day).  With wins at Sap Bucket and Finals and consistent finishes throughout the year Martin bested Nolan Power and Casey Besaw in season points for his first GMPS title.  Of course his trophy count was dwarfed by his carpool-mate Amelia Fotheringham who locked up a season title in FA1 with a Wrightsville win and had already clinched the season series in FA2, both over runner-up Christy Betit.  Amelia’s pair of trophies mocked Chris’ lonely one the whole ride back to Montgomery.  Brian Betit also logged a tourney/season win in MM1 with a strong showing at Wrightsville.  In MPM Collin O’neil was unbeatable on his home course but Anne Lewis capped her strong season with the GMPS title and celebratory “Sandy”-mocking photo shoot.  John Sudarsky coasted to an MPG series win and nearly took the tournament, ceding to Marcos Miller in a playoff. 

The biggest drama on the day was in MA2 where incoming points leaders Andy Powell and Chris Wentzell finished tied with a 106 on the day.  The tourney and season series (we thought) would come down to a playoff.  Wentzell would go on to win but when the dust settled and Dave Frothingham’s abacus stopped clacking it was Powell who left with the season title by a scant 0.3 points (out of 580!!)

Congratulations go out to all the event and GMPS winners.  You can check out full tourney results HERE and final season standings HERE.  Many thanks to Chris Young and Collin O’neil for running an awesome event and Dave Frothingham for a season-worth of points administration.  Can’t wait to do it again next year!


Ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 GMPS champions!! CW from top left: Habets (MPO), Sudarsky (MPG), Betit (MM1), Martin (MA1), Fotheringham (FA-everything), Lewis (MPM), and Powell (MA2)

In other news, stay tuned for details on the 2016 GMDGC “Ice Bucket” event.  Last year’s Ice Bowl raised more than $12,000 to feed local families in need.  The event finished 3rd in the nation in money raised, beating out MUCH larger clubs.  Chris “Feel the Bern” Young has grown the event by leaps and bounds each year and now has his sights set on the $13,000 mark.  Mark your calendars for Saturday Jan 30 2016 and come support the cause!