Base Camp Open | GMPS #7

Saturday July 26th, 2014

Where: Base Camp Outfitters DGC, Killington VT
Tournament Director: Dave Frothingham & Tim Tadlock

NEFA pending, PDGA pending

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5 Responses to “Base Camp Open | GMPS #7”

  1. Dan Doyle says:

    dave / tim……….

    im strongly considering making the Base Camp Open the only event i will play in this summer. i played last year and had a great time…….

    if i do play i will have my 11-yr-old son Zack with me. he has played PDGA events in the past and has been playing for 9 years so he isnt a newbie.

    he sometimes enjoys playing in tournaments but only if he can play in the same group as me. as a tourney director for many years i am aware of the hassle associated with trying to accommodate player requests of various kinds. if you can arrange groupings so that we can play together that would be awesome. if it is a problem just tell me and i probably wont register Zack. no worries if you cant accommodate. if in order to accommodate you need me to register for a specific division that i am eligible to play in and that makes it easier for you that is fine with me. i can play any pro division (MPM, MPO, MPG) or AM1 or Advanced Masters or Advanced Grandmasters.

    hope to see you july 26th.

    dan doyle
    pdga #310
    zack doyle
    pdga # 21441

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Dan, sorry for the late reply… The normal format for GMDGC events is to have mixed cards first round and then play with members of your division second round. Dave is the lead TD for this event. I’ll shot him an email and ask him to reply here with a more thorough response about the request.

  3. Dan Doyle says:

    hey tim….

    thanks for the feedback….

    at the risk of being a total high-maintenance nitwit heres a followup question…….

    zack (my son) would sign up for Juniors if the BCO-GMPS#7 offered such a division. i suspect there wouldnt be enough Juniors to fill an entire 4-play group, so Juniors would have to be grouped with other divisions for the 2nd round anyway. So what i was hoping is that you/dave would be able and willing to place the Junior(s) in whatever group i would end up being in for both rounds.

    again, i hate asking for favors and as a long-time TD am aware of the hassle associated with special requests so dont be shy about telling me if its too difficult to accomodate me. i would totally get it.

    im still planning on signing up for your event and will sign zack up too depending on your response.

    thanks so much.

    dan doyle

  4. David Frothingham says:

    Good Morning Dan,

    Dan I do not see any problem with accommodating your request. First round will be no problem. The only issue may be during the second round; if there are four or more people in your division that you may not play with them to play with you son. If you are ok with this it works for me.


  5. M@MARRO says:

    I think that’s awesome to do the best we can to support the youth/the future of the sport. Thanks for making an effort Dave/Tim.

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