Sap Bucket Open X

Sunday May 20th, 2012

Where: Center Chains DGC, Waterbury Center VT
Tournament Director: Justin Kaulius & Josh Wedel

Registration: 8:30 to 9:30;  Players Meeting 9:45;  Start at 10:00;
2 rounds of 18 holes; 72 players max

Sanctioning: NEFA and GMDGC point series

Payout to the top 40% of each division

Lunch on your own (we’re shooting for the fastest lunch turn around ever, so be prepared)

The Sap Bucket Open X Flyer

All online registrations carry a $2.00 surcharge to cover credit card processing fees.

Fill out my online form.
Division Winners:
MPO – Jonathan Betts
MPM – Chris Sherwin
MPG – John Sudarsky
MA1 – Travis Keller
FW1 – Jennifer Frantz
MA2 – Jim Collins
FW2 – Gretchen Kruesi
Rec – Christian Stevens
Juniors – Jayce Slesar


(Players highlighted in yellow were GMDGC members at the time of play.)
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16 Responses to “Sap Bucket Open X”

  1. Jordan Potvin says:

    This is the day of UVM graduation! Shucks, and I was really hoping to play in this one.

  2. Chris Young says:

    Darn! Sorry you can’t make it Jordan, enjoy the day and CONGRATS! We hope to see you at Pinnacle or Black Falls.

  3. Jordan Potvin says:

    Thanks! I’ll be glad to graduate that’s for sure, and I plan on making it to as many tournaments as I can. I just registered for the club last week, any idea when I’ll receive my bag tag?

  4. Chris Young says:

    You should get your membership package in the mail within the next few weeks…or you could come to the Pinnacle tournament on April 28th and grab it. A bunch of us are heading down for the day from Btown if you are interesed.

  5. Jordan Potvin says:

    Yeah! I’m available that weekend and would greatly appreciate transportation down 89. I just registered for the forum. Let’s exchange info and throw some plastic!

  6. Oliver Redding says:

    add me in AM1 for the sap bucket please.

  7. Christian Stevens says:

    When you enter as recreational, do you have to play from certain tees or is it your choice? I’ve been playing since last year and am looking forward to giving this a shot. Thanks.

  8. Christian Stevens says:

    Whoops, I just read rec plays from the white.

  9. Dana says:

    Hey, I’m thinking about signing up and am wondering what division I would play in. I usually throw 2 to 6 over par from whites . . . haven’t played blues in a long time, but last time I played I was maybe 12 to 16 up? Am I in Int. Women or Advanced Women? (Gretchen says Advanced, but the blue tees are scary . . . )

  10. Hey I’m not going to be able to make it. Can you refund my entry fee? Wish I could make it, cuz I know the Sap Bucket is a good time! Sorry Brad Harris, I won’t be hanging out on the top card with you again. There will be other times I’m sure. Cheers VT!!


  11. skip santa maria says:

    Is it too late to register for the sap bucket

  12. Chris Young says:

    Skip: There are 6 names on the waitlist currently…Do you want to be added to the waitlist?

  13. skip santa maria says:

    Yes please. My phone # is 802-279-6486. Thanks!

  14. skip santa maria says:

    Wrong….802-279-7966. Thanks again. Skip

  15. sean says:

    I want to register for this tourney, but the registration page says, “private cannot be viewed by the public.” Does that mean tourney is full? Any thoughts? S.

  16. gretchen says:

    Hi Sean –

    We took the registration down once we filled up. So yes it is sold out. To be added to the waitlist post on the forum here:

    Good luck!


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