Trilogy Challenge @ Brewster

Saturday June 14th, 2014

Where: Brewster Ridge DGC, Jeffersonville VT
Tournament Director: Travis Connolly

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5 Responses to “Trilogy Challenge @ Brewster”

  1. Schuylar says:

    Did I hear this is also happening at Wrightsville?

  2. Travis Connolly says:

    NO, this is not also happening at Wrighstville.

  3. Schuylar says:

    Good to know Collin had said he thought you might be doing it there too

  4. Schuylar says:

    How are we supposed to register, I haven’t seen a link

  5. Travis Connolly says:

    Hey, i have posted it in the forum been up for a while now. Registration is closed…Which I also stated in the forum.

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